Monday, August 8

Types of durian

They are many types of durian. Generally we can't identify the types but when you talk to a durian orchard owner, you feel like wow, this guy know it all. Open up a durian, he just spell out the names. Looking from outside is even more difficult. But they can tell from the skin colour, from spacing of spikes, the size and even from the shape. Well, when you come to "Lembah Temir" for your holiday destination during the durian season, you will have the opportunity to learn it. For me, open up a durian, I just eat....

This is D24, quite thick flesh and yellowish in colour
"Udang Merah" flesh is wrinkled with almost orange in colour
Durian "Kampung" is light flesh and big seed

Can't really describe the taste, but this is what Teresa Williamson of Tango Diva got to say about durian when she taste it out in Kuala Lumpur, "Smell Like Hell, Taste Like Heaven?" Congratulation Teresa for brave enough to try it out!

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