Monday, September 26

The Fauna of Lembah Temir

You can find lots of different variety of fauna in Lembah Temir. We believe these plants has its value, if now its been idling although someone may know its value. Later, its true value will eventually emerge.


Take for example the banana leaf, most of us know what banana is, a fruit loved by many people around the world. But here in Malaysia, banana leaf is highly sought in "nasi lemak" industry. Nasi Lemak is one of the most popular Malaysia food. More information on nasi lemak


The best nasi lemak is when after the hot rice is prepared, immediately wrapped the rice in banana leaf, leave for a while for the hot rice steam to interact with the banana leaf, an aroma will comes out as a result - this aroma will make nasi lemak even better! Well you can't get that aroma without banana leaf wrapped the rice.

Don't forget to taste nasi lemak when you visit Malaysia or Lembah Temir!

Monday, September 19

Do you dare to do the flipping?

Fun, fun, fun.
When you bring along the high adrenaline young adult, see what they do for more fun. Its not jump anymore, its flip and twist!



Tuesday, September 13

Koi - The Ornamental Fish

Aside of "kelah" fish, you can also play with Koi fish. Feeding the Koi is truly an experience with nature. You have to experience the Koi opens their big mouth, waiting for you to feed the pellet or their food. Wether you are an adult or a kid, the feeling of closeness to nature is here at Temir Valley!


Wednesday, September 7


??? Can you say it? The translation means "fishing not allowed".
This is the place you can swim with thousands of "kelah" fish. You can bring your fishing rod but no fishing allowed.

Why? Come and ask him, only he knows the reasons.


For die hard fishing fans, we'll go up the stream, if you insist.