Friday, April 29

Rain forest offering

Rain forest not only provide us with abundance of water, but also is a place where millions of other plants and fauna lived. Every time I went into the rain forest, I found new thing. Malaysia is lucky to have such biodiversity, albeit comparable to amazon forest. And along the water stream, you will find waterfall which always has the power to invite you to have dip. Cool water but once you immersed in it, refreshed by the nature. Want to try a back massage by the waterfall?

Tuesday, April 26

Wake up to a crystal clear stream

Wake up to the freshness on morning mist overlooking a cystal clear stream. Did you hear to sound of the waterfall. So inviting! I remember that morning, my early bird friend shouted, "hey look at the water" and suddenly the rest who were still in bed like jumping out of the bed and rush out.....Whoa.....the stream in Temir Valley!  

Saturday, April 23

The place to de-stress, agree?

Temir valley is a real place to relax to a soothing sound of running water. You could choose your own activity, read book, jump into the water, pick flowers in the jungle or sleep all day. This place is located in a virgin rain forest about 100km from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is accessible by car. Everyone who had visited this place say that they will  return to Temir Valley!