Friday, March 30

Sleep like a baby....


Some mothers just like to sleep with their baby. Shhhhh.......
Do you feel the bonding between the mother and the child?

Sunday, March 18

How fast you can open the durian?

Or may be I should ask, can you open the durian?
Yep, many people find it a difficult task considering the thorn is all around. but these gentlemen seen in the video are EXPERTS! They just crack it open as easy as 1, 2, 3.....
And me, I just love to eat! Pssssttttt.... the season is just around the corner!

Friday, March 9

Do you like to karaoke?

Do you like to sing?
Try your luck and see if you can beat the resident singer... I know he practice everyday!



Otherwise, just let the jungle frog sing.... ha..ha..

Thursday, March 1

Shooting session

Everyone love to take pictures. We never met anyone that arrived here and not snapping a picture....
Yeah, everybody need a memories of Temir Valley Malaysia!