Saturday, June 25

Ta...da... presenting Durian, the 'King of Fruits'

Durian in Malay or 'Na-thu-rian' in Thai language, is a common fruits found in Asia, mainly grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. Orchards owner prefer to market Durian in Singapore, probably due to currency factor.

 They are having fun touring the D16, D18, D24 and 'musang king' durian orchard....

 En Zul, the person in charge here say that these small durian will be ready for consumption sometimes in August - September. Yummy!

Durian can heat up your body when you eat too much of it, but there is a way to go around it. Ask us!
Discover about Durian here

Sunday, June 19

Do you know what flower is this?

Give a good guess. That is a flower of a fruit loved by majority of Malaysian or perhaps Asians.
Westerners generally cannot stand its smell but it was featured in EAT, PRAY, LOVE (,_Pray,_Love) movie starred by Julia Roberts.

I think this fruit its going to be a worlds' delicacies soon. Clueless, wait for the next posting.

Tuesday, June 14

Everyone have fun here, especially the kids

Play with your love ones and improve the family bonding, or

be brave n fly down.................

Everybody can have fun here!

Thursday, June 9

The friendly fish

Enjoy our first video posting - The friendly fish at Temir Valley Malaysia!

The experience is so great! Don't believe us, experience it yourself!

Monday, June 6

The June 2011 visit

Yes, as promised we take a group of invitees to Temir Valley as we advertised in our facebook page. Unfortunately our lucky draw winners missed the fun of the day. These are few of the photos of the group enjoying themselves.

Love to have a picnic here!

Fish feeding!
The fish are fighting for you to feed them. They won't bite your finger. If you wish, put your leg inside and have a fish spa!

Thank you for the notes left on our fb pages.......

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