Tuesday, August 30

Real Green Fauna!

The area close to the waterfall is very damp due to constant stream of misty from the waterfall. Here you can see a very rich green coloured fauna. Nearby the stream, discover dancing "keladi" tree, always dancing to the tune of the water and the wind. Which green colour do you like?




Monday, August 22


Wow, this is the place that "wow" me, from here you can marvel yourself at the sight of the waterfall of Temir Valley, feel the misty breeze on your face and hear the sound of water. TRANQUILITY!



Imagine sitting on the bench and sipping hot coffee......
Care to join me?

Monday, August 15

Durian Tales : East vs West

Opinions about durian differs widely. Generally westerners does not like the smell of durians but differs on the taste of it. Here are some of comments about durians that we get from the internet. Whether you like it or not, its up to individual.

I am a white girl, american, saw durian on the food channel. So they said it smells bad. I love cheese and some great cheese smells like old socks, barf and garbage. So I tired durian first in a smoothie. Then I bought one, then another. It is delicious! Just like expensive french cheese, it smell funky, but taste so good! - Bamfylde003003  

Sorry but I know what is it so... I dont care about the smell... dont judge something from what it smells cuz taste might be diffrent fron what you think... -babyvan18

Durian is epic! It does not smell bad, people have a tendency to exagerate everything especially on youtube to get more hits... Secondly the durian is one of the most digest fruits and is also one of the ones which contains the most vitamin C, actually more than KIWI...Now if you forget all the non sense and hype, simply go to a thai shop and ask for durian, you will be suprised how good this fruit is - oh and i'm white living in switzerland...... hufschmidguitars1

What about this child eating durian....

And you may know this show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Andrew Zimmern - pic from Discovery channel
Zimmern is a TV show host that prided himself in being able to eat the most well, bizarre food in the world, from rotting, maggoty meat to live frog. When he came to Penang, the smell of durian itself sent him into convulsions, he vommitted out. He was greatly disappointed - of all things, he did not expect to be defeated by a fruit called durian!

Monday, August 8

Types of durian

They are many types of durian. Generally we can't identify the types but when you talk to a durian orchard owner, you feel like wow, this guy know it all. Open up a durian, he just spell out the names. Looking from outside is even more difficult. But they can tell from the skin colour, from spacing of spikes, the size and even from the shape. Well, when you come to "Lembah Temir" for your holiday destination during the durian season, you will have the opportunity to learn it. For me, open up a durian, I just eat....

This is D24, quite thick flesh and yellowish in colour
"Udang Merah" flesh is wrinkled with almost orange in colour
Durian "Kampung" is light flesh and big seed

Can't really describe the taste, but this is what Teresa Williamson of Tango Diva got to say about durian when she taste it out in Kuala Lumpur, "Smell Like Hell, Taste Like Heaven?" Congratulation Teresa for brave enough to try it out!

Thursday, August 4

Pesta Makan Durian Sg Pertang

On the last day in the month of July, Temir Valley was honoured to host the event. This event is to mark the peak of fruits harvesting season of the area. The event was attended by the orchards farmers within the area and their guests. This is the second time the event was held. It was a happy day for everyone because orchard farmers bring along loads of fruits with them and guess what, a stack of D24 durian was there. Everyone enjoy D24 that day until everyone cannot take it anymore.
It was officiated by Dato' Wong, with guest as far as Japan treated with a lion dance performance prior to the durian feast! Thanks to the organizers and the host at Lembah Temir!

Yummy D24!
Head of the organizing committee with guests
Cut the ribbon faster la....
This guest is from Japan!
Use your sense to choose your durian......
Thanks to these two gentlemen, they open it for almost everyone!
Join them eating tasty durian
Ohh, I want it too............
Thanks for the help!
Other fruits, anyone?
I take picture with the lion first lah....
The host, eat banana lor....ha..ha.

Monday, August 1

The ultimate privacy suit....

 This is, I would say the best place if you need a privacy. The hut is overlooking the waterfall. When you need to be alone, away from hustle bustle of the city, or even temporarily "dissapear", you can consider this as one of your choice. Don't worry about wild animal because the guest area is fenced to keep away unwanted guest. If it gets too cold in the morning, hot water is available! If you come in the durian season, you may get a fresh durian on your doorstep.
Up the stairs to the privacy suit

See the waterfall?