Monday, August 15

Durian Tales : East vs West

Opinions about durian differs widely. Generally westerners does not like the smell of durians but differs on the taste of it. Here are some of comments about durians that we get from the internet. Whether you like it or not, its up to individual.

I am a white girl, american, saw durian on the food channel. So they said it smells bad. I love cheese and some great cheese smells like old socks, barf and garbage. So I tired durian first in a smoothie. Then I bought one, then another. It is delicious! Just like expensive french cheese, it smell funky, but taste so good! - Bamfylde003003  

Sorry but I know what is it so... I dont care about the smell... dont judge something from what it smells cuz taste might be diffrent fron what you think... -babyvan18

Durian is epic! It does not smell bad, people have a tendency to exagerate everything especially on youtube to get more hits... Secondly the durian is one of the most digest fruits and is also one of the ones which contains the most vitamin C, actually more than KIWI...Now if you forget all the non sense and hype, simply go to a thai shop and ask for durian, you will be suprised how good this fruit is - oh and i'm white living in switzerland...... hufschmidguitars1

What about this child eating durian....

And you may know this show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Andrew Zimmern - pic from Discovery channel
Zimmern is a TV show host that prided himself in being able to eat the most well, bizarre food in the world, from rotting, maggoty meat to live frog. When he came to Penang, the smell of durian itself sent him into convulsions, he vommitted out. He was greatly disappointed - of all things, he did not expect to be defeated by a fruit called durian!

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  1. sukanyer tgk bdk makan durian tu... hehe... rasa cm nak gigit2 jer dier.