Tuesday, October 25

White ants and the birds

When you are in a forest, you will learn that nature live side by side. Its ok, for a bird to live up stairs where on the ground white live. They live in harmony. Can we emulate them?

The ant and bird live near the micro hydro electric house
The bird live on the tree
The white ant just below, on the ground
 This is one of the thing you can learn. Learn about the durian tree, the palm tree, learn how to tap rubber tree. Its amazing what you can find and learn here in Temir Valley!

Saturday, October 1

A video by a guest at Lembah Temir

We found this video uploaded by guest of Temir Valley Malaysia at the waterfall of Lembah Temir.
We are sure this guest had a great time out there.

If you have been to Lembah Temir, upload your video too....we love to see how you enjoy yourself at the valley.