Sunday, January 22

The Lion Dance

The "Lion" come to Temir valley..... No, not the actual lion from the nearby jungle. It is a lion dance performance by a group of school kids. Malaysian usually see lots of this performance during Chinese New Year celebration. The celebrations is just around the corner. Happy Gong Xi Fa Chai. 

Friday, January 6

Cat Eating Durian


Thats right! Yes, cat also can eat durian. This is one of a kind cat that eat durian!

We have seen many people cannot stand the smell of durian. Even insect eating celebrity was defeated defeated by durian. But this is "Yelloww" - a very special cat that eat durian. Guess what? He only choose the best durian - Musang King!

Most people did not believe it. But seing is believing, right. Guys this is not a video trick, still can't take the fact that cat eat durian, come and meet Yelloww here at Temir Valley Malaysia.

Yelloww - taking a nap after full of durian