Sunday, July 24

Preserving Temir Valley

Due to its richess in flora and fauna, it is a clean environment. When you can find 'kelah' fish in any location, you can bet that place is clean because kelah will disappear if it gets dirty. Due to that, visitors are highly encouraged to help us preserve Temir Valley rain forest when you visit this place. Enjoy your lunch served on banana leaf or 'daun pisang' as the plate. It is biodegradable and help us to avoid the use of dishwashing liquid altogether and lessen the impact of chemical release into the environment.  

Enjoying lunch on banana leaf!

Wednesday, July 20

RTM TV1 aired Green technology powering Temir Valley

It is a recognition for Temir Valley to be on national TV. This story is about the implementation of micro hydro electric to power the resort. A true example of how we can use the power of nature to our advantage and preserving the surrounding rain forest. Nevertheless, the story is narrated in Malay language. Enjoy the video!

Sunday, July 17

What plant is this?

This is another plants found in Temir Valley. Frankly, I do not know what it is called and it is my first time to see such plant. There are many more here. If you like photographing nature, you are welcome to take pictures here. Pictures taken after a light rain is the best, as water reflection on the leaves add depth to the plants green colour.

Thursday, July 14

Green technology powering Temir Valley

Where does Temir valley get its electricity? The answer is simple, the water in the stream. The area is powered by a small scale hydro electric plant. The electricity generated is more than enough for the rain forest resort usage. Most of the time, you will see the ceiling fan here is turn on all the time because the when electricity is generated it need to be utilised. In its ideal case, the valley can stand on its own, ie. own food from the orchard, water and fish from the stream. It is a case of sustainability living and is to be preserved for future generation.   
Water intake - the dam

Water goes in here to turn the dynamo

Nice view from here too

Sunday, July 10

Temir Valley is rich in flora and fauna

Green is the colour of rain forest. If you ever live in the desert, forest seem to be like a heaven on earth. Cool forest temperature is due to plenty of shades provided by trees racing up the sky in competition for sunlight. The bottom of rain forest is damp and here we can find many kind of plants which sometimes has high medicinal value. No doubt about this as native people depends on the plants for thousands of years to cure their illness.