Sunday, May 29

Where is Temir Valley?

1. Find the route to Temir Valley Malaysia description here.

2. Look it up through Google map. Search on google map ( search bar, key-in (copy n paste)   3.728801,101.994924   and you will see the entrance location as per picture above where you will have to go through a village road from there. Don't worry, it is accessible by car. Green is the official colour of rain forest - switch your map view to "satellite" view to see the junction! The resort is about 6km from here.

To find your way there using google map, click on "Get Directions", key in your current location, and click "GET DIRECTIONS", Google will show you the way. (Note: you may find various route when you use this way depending on the current location  that you key in - but it still lead you there)

3. This place is also called by the local as "Lembah Temir" as Sungai Temir runs through the area.

4. GPS coordinate - N03 43' 0.92", E102 02' 0.87". Note: different brand of equipment may use different notation. The above coordinate is the resort location of Temir Valley, not the entrance shown above. Your equipment may be unable to show route once you enter the village road.  

We welcome our visitors to upload  their photo at Temir Valley Malaysia (Lembah Temir) and please leave your kind review, link to our blogspot and facebook page. We appreciate it, thanks!

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Friday, May 27

Take a dip here and swim with "kelah"

Another view of the rain forest hut, looking from the main waterfall. This 'lubuk' is filled with 'kelah' fish. They never bite but always welcome the food thrown at them. When you feel lonely take some fish pellet and throw it out in the water, their response will enlighten your heart and cheer you up. This 'lubuk' is also suitable to have fun playing with your love ones in the water. Have fun!

Monday, May 23


Can you feel it, hear the sound of water, so calm.....................

Thursday, May 19

'Isk Khan' bollywood actor was here too!

Look at him after all day work on the 'movie shooting' set, is enjoying himself here. It was reported he never missed a trip to Temir Valley in the rain forest. Mentioned to him about going to this place, he will drive down all the way just to be there!  We'll interview him later why he like this place so much.....

Sunday, May 8

Would this be a perfect Mother's Day gift?

I'm speechless..... this waterfall....... would you agree with me, this would be a perfect Mother's Day gift? What is your verdict? Yes, no, maybe....we appreciate your opinion at the Temir Valley Malaysia Facebook page! Click 'like' on the right panel to go Facebook page.

Thursday, May 5

Superman, oops Superboy refreshed and revitalised here!

Every kid feels close to water, in fact we all do lived in water for 9 months. So Temir Valley never fail to impress everyone, especially kids. They want to be inside the water for the whole day because the water really refresh and revitalise you. Need a back massage? Go underneath the falling water. It will pound your body. Aah, that feels so good... So what do you do when you are getting cold? You get "musang king", D18, D24, "kunyit" and "tembaga". comes the durian to heat you up!   

Sunday, May 1

Dad....look so many fish

The crystal clear water will let you see the 'kelah' fish swimming freely in the water awaiting you to throw in the fish food. These creatures are highly sensitive to its environment. If their environment suddenly changed, they will disappear according to Temir Valley owner. So visitors are highly encouraged to adept to Indian style of food serving, use banana leaf as your plate! By doing that, we minimise washing liquid released into the stream. Help us to preserve 'kelah' for our future generation....